To see the Gospel of Jesus Christ FULLY transform the lives of those who have struggles with addiction, homelessness, and incarceration.


To provide a safe home for men to grow in life and godliness. This is best accomplished through gospel-centered community, gospel-centered accountability, and gospel-centered service.



The purpose of the Acts 247 Discipleship House is discipleship. The word disciple literally means to be a “learner.” In other words, applicants enter into the Discipleship House because they want help. Applicants will learn what Jesus has done for them (The Gospel), what it means to follow Jesus (Obedience), and what it means to do the things that Jesus did (Mission). They will also learn how to have fun, get a job, manage bills, and cook their own meals. The hope is that they will learn these things over the course of 6 months (minimum commitment). 


We see discipleship best lived out in the following three ways:


Gospel-Centered Equipping


The Acts 247 Discipleship House is Committed to help men grow in their understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Most “transitional living houses” are set on changing the residents’ behavior, while the Acts 247 Discipleship House wants the men to understand how Jesus has changed their identity. The gospel is about what Jesus has accomplished FOR US, not what we can accomplish FOR HIM. We believe that as the men you grow in their understanding of what Jesus has accomplished for them, He will also change their behavior. We call this the Gospel Response.  


We will study the Bible together, pray together, encourage one another, and learn to be a family. Through such emersion, we believe residents will grow in a better understanding of ALL that Jesus has done for them, and as a joyful response to the good news of the gospel, they will desire to live a life different than the life that they used to live. We are committed to equip the men for a life of Godliness; their responsibility is to remain humble and willing to grow and change.    


Gospel-Centered Community


God created us as relational beings. In fact, when God created man he said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” Over and over again throughout the bible God is at work within a community of believers. Yes, God may communicate and interact with certain people individually, but it is always about the transformation and renewal of the larger community. Furthermore, as we get to the New Testament, it is clear that Jesus is set on gathering a people to advance His Kingdom. Over 60 times in the NT alone we are told that the Christian life is to be lived with “one another.” 


Because the Word of God places such an emphasis on living life in community, we want to take this calling seriously. While men are living at the Acts 247 Discipleship House they will be required to interact with the other men in the house. Isolation and individualism is highly discouraged. Residents will be requiredto attend the Thursday Night Family Dinners from 6-8pm. Our hope is that the men will be open to correction and willing to be held accountable. This is to their advantage.  


Gospel-Centered Service


Jesus didn’t just call us to Himself so that we could hoard blessings. God has blessed us, as His people, so that we can be a blessing (Gen. 12:2). Not only will residents have a great opportunity to learn to serve the other men in the house, but they will also be able to serve together in the community. When Jesus saved us, He not only saved us from our past sins, but He also saved us so that you could live together with Him on His mission. In Mark 10:7-8 Jesus sends out His disciples on mission with this command, “Go and announce that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!” 


As men who have received this gospel and been transformed by Jesus Christ, we want to announce and proclaim to others what God has done for us! We want our residents to be committed to give away what has been freely given to them! The Acts 247 Discipleship House will help men grow in their understanding of the scripture and help them connect with the purpose that God is calling them to!  


We see great benefit to living a life on mission. Not only has Jesus commissioned us to be His witnesses (Matt. 28:18-20; Acts 1:8), but joining Jesus on His mission forces us to think of others more than we think of ourselves (Philippians 2:1-11). Because we are selfish beings, we want to live our lives for others as often as we can. We are committed to helping the men discover what the Lord is calling them to and holding them accountable as they live into their calling.   


If you are interested in joining the Acts 247 Men’s Discipleship House. Please fill out the attached application and send it to


We look forward to watching as God radically transforms your life!